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  • This is Mr.Shin Won Choi who is the 34rd Prseident of Korean Fencing Federation.
  • First of all, We would like to express my sincere gratitude to all those who support Korea Fencing with great interest and love.
  • Korea Fencing Federation was founded in 1947 as Chosun Fencing Federation, and renamed the Korea Fencing Federation since 1956.
    Korean Fencing Federation, which has contributed to the promotion of national sports through fencing and spreading fencing culture, has shown remarkable achievements in various international competitions, led by Mr.Kim Young-ho, who won the first gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
  • At the 2012 London Olympics, Korea raised as the world's best fencing country (gold medal 2 silver medal 1 bronze medal 3). In 2018, Jakarta Asian Games (6 gold medals, 3 silver medals, 6 bronze medals) won the feat of winning three consecutive and demonstrated that Korea is the top players of fencing in Asia.
  • Korean Fencing Federation is making efforts to ensure that fencing as
    a living sports is widely distributed as a healthy sports culture.
    In particular, we will do our best to improve the national team's performance through scientific and systematic support.
  • Furthermore, we will continue to support and to promote fencing cadets on the international stage through systematic assistance.
  • We would like to ask you for your generous support and continuous encouragement so that we can continue to stand as the world's best fencing nation.
  • Thank you.
34rd Prseident of Korean Fencing Federation